No more pain!

The last two days have truly tested my tolerance to pain. Tuesday morning I started to feel something in the right-back side of my mouth. There was a small pain on my molar (#31) that grew throughout the day. At the end of the workday, I could not take it so I went to the dentist. They examined me and found that a cavity existed under a current filling. I was like FML. A root canal needed to be done but she couldn't do it and had to refer me to a endodontist. That night, I almost called the hospital. The pain was radiating throughout the right side of my face and the meds that were prescribed to me didn't do much. I didn't get to sleep until 5:30am that night. When I woke up (3 hours later), the pain kind of went away but was still there obviously. I called my the dentist I was referred to and they were able to schedule me to come in the next day (today). As time passed, it was off and on. Luckily I was able to eat. It was probably the meds finally kicking in. I did make the mistake though of taking the medicine without eating. I wanted to spew. That night I was able to sleep but today, or this morning, was all bad.

The pain wasn't radiating but it was concentrated on one tooth. Even the slightest touch would make it pulsate. My friend took me to my scheduled appointment. They took a quick look and some x-rays and verified the problem At first they were gonna ask me to come back on Monday but seeing how much pain I was in, they decided to just do it. Best decision EVER. I didn't feel a damn thing. Afterwords, I felt great! They prescribed me some vicodine. =) Hopefully I won't have to use it.

I love the dentist. I thought I would never in my life say that. They really saved me. Did I learn my lesson? Of course! Will I go see a dentist regularly? Of course! I have to go back in for the crown, but that won't be until next month. I'm just so happy the pain is gone.