Weekend in 209

Another week of work is in progress. I hope it won't be as boring as past weeks. I try to find something to do but sometimes it's difficult to endure. Anyway, last weekend was so chill. I guess that is one of the few things I like about going back home to Stockton. I get to be lazy but I get to be lazy with my family. My sister celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday. A decent amount of people showed up. It just sucks that she has to throw her own parties and even make her own cake! But no matter, she had a good time with good company. Our dog, Oogie, seemed to like the attention, too. Naturally, my sister got hammered. Hell, it wouldn't be a proper birthday if she didn't! The following morning she was hungover and I think Oogie was, too! All I know is that she slept a full 8 hours without waking up like she normally does.

I probably won't be back to Stockton for a while. I've been there for the past three weeks and figure I need to spend some time with friends out here. I hate when I get invited somewhere but am in 209. It always seems that when I am in Stockton, I get invited by someone in the bay to go out but when I decide to stay in the bay, no one asks me to go anywhere. What gives?! This weekend something is bound to happen because of Halloween though. I'm going as Toad from Super Mario Bros.