District 9 amongst other things

I just looooove lazy Sundays! For being lazy, though, I got a decent amount of stuff done. One thing is particular was getting to see District 9. If you didn't get the chance to see it this weekend then you better get off your ass and see it this week/end! I wasn't aware of the hype or anything. What made me want to see it was that IGN gave it 5 stars. That is very rare. All I can say was that I was very very impressed with it. To me, the movie was a social commentary on racism and discrimination. It tugs at every emotion and you really feel for the aliens. The direction did not follow that of a typical sci-fi film. It felt more like a documentary. This is what gives it it's monumental charm. Anyway, go see it as soon as you get the chance. You will not regret it.

In other news, I made friends with the new cats next door. I'm not really sure where they came from but they appeared suddenly. There are two black cats with green eyes. One of them approaches me now. The other is still a little shy. I just hope Garfield doesn't get jealous. He's the other neighborhood cat.

There are two more weeks of my employment at former Redback. I will truly miss it. I got to know my users really well and even made a few friends. Since the company got bought by Ericsson a while back, former Redback has to follow their standard way of working. This includes the standard work environment including their IT infrastructure, hence, me and my co-workers in IT getting laid off. I will be fine though. My consulting firm will be able to find me another assignment. They told me to expect some downtime and so I will. Hopefully it is not more than 3 weeks. I should be expecting a raise when I go on my next assignment. Can't wait for that. =)

Okay, it's getting late. Time for bed. Good night, all! Forgive my grammar errors.