Time for a Change

Time to start writing in this again. Just recently I turned 25 years old. Most people including myself joke around and call it a quarter-life crisis. I agreed to it at first based on all the thoughts that roamed my head. As I thought to myself more and more, I realized that one phase of my life is over. What have I had to show for it? I did what the system told me to do. Go to school and get a decent paying job. I'm working my way up but something still feels amiss. As most of you may or may not know, I have never been in a relationship before. I can give you tons of reasons why. Granted where I am in my life, I finally decided to change that. It will be gradual, starting with my self-image. My newest roommate talked a bit of sense into me. A lot of what he told me I had already known but never really applied consistently. But this time, no more messing around. There's a passion burning inside me telling me to keep going forward and to not give up. I am trying really really hard to follow it. We'll see where it takes me in approximately one month. Stay tuned.